Pentax 17 Half-Frame Film Camera

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The PENTAX 17 is a half-frame camera,
capturing two 17mm x 24mm pictures within in a single 35mm-
format (36mm x 24mm) film frame. It produces vertical-format
pictures, with similar ratios to those captured by smartphones.

In addition to the distinctive image quality created only by a film
camera, the design of the PENTAX 17 incorporates manual
operations unique to film photography — a selectable zone-
focus system, manual film winding, manual film advance lever,
and exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity adjustments,
each with their own dials. It has a retro-inspired design, with the
top and bottom covers made of a solid but lightweight
magnesium alloy to optimize the camera body’s rigidity.

The PENTAX 17 features a newly developed 25mm F3.5 lens
(equivalent to a 37mm lens in the 35mm format). The lens is
treated with HD (High Definition) coating to optimize clarity and
sharpness. The optical viewfinder features an Albada-type bright frame finder and has a close-up visual field compensation frame to help compose close-up images more easily. The camera has seven shooting modes to accommodate different applications and scenarios. It automatically adjusts exposure settings
based on lighting data collected by its metering sensor.

It is an ideal model not only for film camera enthusiasts who have enjoyed film photography for years, but
also for photographers who are excited about trying film photography for the first time.

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