Film Scanning & Prints

What sizes are your film scans?

Film scan sizes vary by film format. Small scans are between 2-3mp, medium scans between 6-9mp, and large scans between 13-19mp. Exact dimensions are listed below.

  35mm & 6x9 6x45
Small 1565x1037 1818x1370
Medium 3130x2075 3035x2279
Large 5433x3637 4824x3533
  6x6 6x7
Small 1818x1818 2149x1818
Medium 3035x3035 3035x2610
Large 4760x4760 5900x4800

What size film scans should I get?

Small scans are perfect for texting to friends and family, sharing on social media, and for 4x6 prints.

Medium scans allow for a moderate size print up to 8” on the short end. You can also crop your image some while maintaining excellent image quality.

Large scans are perfect for prints up to 12" on the short end and allow additional flexibility when cropping your image.

What are your current turnaround times for film processing and scan delivery?

3-5 business days. Business day count starts the day after the film is received and checked in by the lab. We'll email you once your film is checked in. Large orders of 15+ rolls are subject to 1 extra day to process.

Do you develop disposable camera?

Yes! Just select disposable camera on the color development page and send the camera in.

Do you develop film shot on a half frame camera or panoramic camera? What about 220 film?

Yes! No extra charge for scanning these formats. If you'd like half frame prints, we have that option on our developing pages you can select. 220 film is quite rare these days, but you can add a 120 roll to your cart and send in the 220 film for no extra charge on scans.

Do you offer push processing?

Yes. You can request film to be pushed in the note section of your cart.

What film scanners are used for scanning film?

All film is scanned on either the Fuji Frontier SP3000 or Noritsu HS-1800 film scanners. Check out some of our work here.

Do you offer prints?

Yes! Color prints are printed on the Epson Surelab D870 professional photo printer. Black & White prints are printed on the Epson P800 utilizing their amazing high dynamic range black and white print mode. This allows for true black and white images without any color casts.

What sizes are your prints?

All prints on done on luster photo paper. 35mm is printed on 4x6 sheets of photo paper. 120 film is printed without any cropping to each format size (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7).


How do I order film development?

You can select your film type, scan size, and prints, if needed, on any of the development pages on our website or mobile app. Once you place an order, you’ll receive an email with your order number and can mail your film to the lab.

What if I have special instructions?

If there is anything specific you'd like to tell us about your film or have any instructions for the RFL Team, there is an Order Note box, available at checkout if you are using the app, and in the cart if you are using our website to place your order.  


Do you sell film or cameras?

Yes! We have a large selection of film, cameras, and gear. All orders ship for a flat rate of $5.95. Want free shipping? Order $125.00 or more and get free shipping on your order.

I just placed my order, where do I send my film?

Reformed Film Lab
1439 N US Highway 1
Unit A4

Ormond Beach, FL 32174

How do I send my film in? Do you provide mailers?

We do not provide mailers at this time. We recommend using any of the major shipping companies in the US. For orders under 16oz, we recommend USPS Ground Advantage for reliable and inexpensive shipping to the lab.

We recommend small bubble mailers or a small box for sending your film to the lab. Do not send the film in a paper envelop. These have an increased likelihood to rip during transit with film inside of them resulting in an empty envelop being delivered to us.

Once packaged and ready to ship out, be sure to write your order number on your package.

Do I receive my negatives back?

Negative return or disposal options are presented at checkout in the shipping section. You can have your negatives sent back to you either cut and sleeved or in a single sleeve left uncut. You can notate which option you’d like in the cart page of our site or mobile app. If you don't need your negatives, we can dispose of them for you and there is no return shipping fee.

How do I receive my scans?

We will send your scans to the email you provide at checkout. Scans are sent via WeTransfer and can be downloaded for up to 4 weeks from when you receive your email. We do not offer long term storage of your film scans at this time. Not seeing your film scans email? Be sure to check your junk folder.

How do I receive my prints?

Prints are mailed within 1-2 business days after we email your scans.

Okay, you've answered most of my questions, but how exactly do you develop film?

We're glad you asked! Check out RFL TV for all the behind the scenes magic, meet our staff, and find out the story of the lab!

What are your Terms of Service?

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