Kodak 135 Film Case

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Inspired by KODAK Film Canister

The body made of aluminium and the cap made of steel, KODAK film cans were widely used in the 1970s for film packaging, only later changed to grey-top plastic containers. The canisters were painted colourful and carried a lot of joyful memories. It was indeed a big part of the film photography history. We are inspired by the selection of materials and colours, and wish to recreate a new version of the KODAK Film Case, only to make it even more practical and stylish. 

Keep Your Film Safe

The KODAK Film Case, made of steel with high tensile strength, provides your films with strong protection. The case is small and portable, making it ideal for all analog lovers. It protects your film rolls dry and clean, and organises five rolls of 135mm film in one place. It is perfect for a day out for shooting or even a sweet long holiday.

Make It Your Everyday Case

The inner case is made of durable plastic. It helps segregate your five rolls of film and organise them neatly. It is also removable, and you could place whatever you like without limitation. From stationaries to accessories, even a pair of glasses could fit in the case - making it your Everyday Case.

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