FPP Infrared ISO 200 B&W 35mm 24 Exposure Roll

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Add drama to your landscape photography with FPP BW INFRARED 35mm film.
With its 700-850nm infrared range and 200 iso, this panchromatic, medium contrast black and white film has pleasing grain and will produce extraordinary results with a r72 filter.

  • A beautiful panchromatic 35mm BW film
  • Use r72 filter in broad daylight for infrared effect (#25 red filter also an option for less dramatic effects)*
  • If you have an automatic camera (like a Canon AE-1 Program) - you can set your ISO to 200 and shoot in program mode with your filter on.
  • 700 – 850 nm infrared wavelength
  • Load in darkness (or very dim light)
  • After shooting keep your film canister away from light
  • Process: BW
  • Shoot iso 200 (without filter) for everyday use

Must be shot in broad daylight with a r72 Infrared Filter for the most dramatic results. You will lose 4-6 f-stops with a r72 filter (check your filter instruction to find out what the "filter factor" is). You can also use a 25A red and a polarizer ( or 87IR filter ) for good results. Your results will depend on the amount of IR light in the air when you shoot. Your results will vary. Again, only shoot in BRIGHT SUN.

Keep your film Light Tight! FPP BE Infrared Film is a VERY THIN polyester based film and is subject to "light piping" (also known as "flashing") when exposed to room light due to this thin base. Please load in dim light and store in a dark camera bag before and after shooting. If storing your film in fridge, freezer or home shelf, store in a light tight bag as well. What is light piping? Read the blog by Leslie Lazenby. Because this film's thin emulsion and special handling needed, we do not offer refunds or replacement rolls if you "flash" your film.

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