New Film: Aurora 800

New Film: Aurora 800

Aurora 800 35mm Film is here! Check out our full review on YouTube!

Is this film the new low light king? Can it replace Kodak Portra 800? Flic Film's latest 35mm film is 800 speed, daylight balanced, and can easily be pushed to 1600. Aurora 800 is here and it is aptly named!

Flic Film was kind enough to send us some rolls to test out. We took them out for some outdoor forest shooting, pushed the film to 1600, and got some shots of indoor pinball arcade! We're super impressed with the new film. What are your thoughts?

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  • Steve Miller

    totally agree, the look of the pushed roll is beautiful.
    I now need to go to Flic Film webpage to see if this is Kodak Aerocolor IV just rated at 800? Your thoughts?
    I’ve shot a bunch of Elektra and pushed it….Looks similar.
    No negative thoughts, love Aerocolor IV, Alot!

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