Solo H2O 35mm Single Use Underwater Cameras 400 27 Exposure

Solo H2O 35mm Single Use Underwater Cameras 400 27 Exposure

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The Solo H2O 35mm Single-Use Underwater Camera (With 400ASA, 27 Exposure, Color Negative Film) features a compact, physical design, made to carry in your pocket, or purse, & provides sharp images, while on adventures that may include water, snow, or sand.

Its durable design provides protection from the elements you may encounter, & is waterproof, up to 20 feet. The Solo H2O Single-Use Camera is pre-loaded with color negative film, & provides 27 exposures.

It has a speed of ISO 400, & features a focus-free lens, in order to provide sharp images. The film can be developed at any photo-finisher, & develops promptly, for your convenience.

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